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Top 10 Restaurants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most exciting places for eating. The Los Angeles scene is diverse, there is a blend of internationally inspired and you will find the best restaurants in the world here. We had a hard task to narrow down to the top 10 restaurants in Los Angeles, so you should know there are 10 times more restaurants you should visit, but let’s start with something.

  1. République

Not that important for the food, but this venue’s previous tenant is Charlie Chaplin’s film company. You can feel the history from the second you walk in! This is a perfect place for a romantic date with your loved one. Pastas, baked goods, fresh products, deserts, stakes, seafood – we just simply can’t decide what to recommend first. You can visit Republique in the evening or during the day, it has a killer lunch and dinner. If you can’t decide, go to a brunch.

  1. Bavel

In this restaurant you will feel familiar and cultural heritage mixed with modern cuisine. Food they are offering is made with love! Bavel is serving food from across the Middle East, Israel, Tunisia, Yemen etc. You will try the best hummus and pita in Los Angeles. Food is fresh and definitely unique. Don’t miss their desserts, you will regret it if you do. Their interior is coy and you will love sitting near the open kitchen.

  1. Rossoblu

Danish interior, wood smell, food on the patio… You will feel how amazing this is the second you walk in. Rossoblu is located in Downtown Los Angeles and their manu can offer you handmade pastas that will take you to the next level. Their menu is a mix of Italian food with Californian taste. On weekends they can offer you brunch, don’t miss it.

  1. Providence

If you enjoy seafood, Providence is the right restaurant for you. Its Michelin-starred mnu will satisfy any customer, no matter how picky you are. Menus are changing seasonally, so everytime you go there you can find something else to try. Everything is equally good, don’t worry. Come to try the perfect bite in Providence.

  1. Gjusta

This is possibly the best modern deli in the city! Make your order and see how good this food is! Not even sure what to recommend first, but you should try the smoked fish platters and flaky pastries. After that, just try everything else on their menu.

  1. Felix

Felix is a perfect place where you can have a cheat day and break your no-carb policy because they are offering handmade pasta! Our favorites are the ragu bolognese with 48 month parmigiano reggiano and the tonnarelli cacio e pepe. We are not going to lie, we tried every pasta they are offering and every one is equally good. Felix also has pizza in their offer, to make things even more difficult.

  1. Sonoratown

This restaurant became even more famous when it appeared in Netflix’s Taco Chronicles. Don’t be surprised with long lines of people waiting to get their food, but don’t give up, it is worth every minute standing there. Sonoratown is a cozy place where the staff are lively, open and fun-loving. You will see people around you smiling, laughing, dancing and just enjoying life. Dishes are more than great, with handmade tortillas, fresh vegetables and the best salsas ever! Tacos, quesadillas and chivis, we don’t know what you should try first.

  1. Little Sister

Located in the heart of Downtown’s dining corridor, there is a small restaurant called Little Sister. This restaurant is typically crowded, with a bunch of young people enjoying this lovely restaurant. On the menu is Southeast Asian food prepared in an authentic way.  Recommendation: imperial rolls stuffed with shrimp and taro root, noodles in chili lime sauce and lemongrass fried chicken. Once you come here, you will come back all the time!

  1. Cassia

Cassia is an affordable restaurant with lively and hip customers. Cassia is offering Vietnamese food with cocktails to match. You have to try the kaya toast here or the laksa noodle curry! This is an original Viietnamese restaurant.

  1. Sushi Tsujita

If you are ever on Sawtelle Boulevard in Little Tokyo, you shouldn’t miss this restaurant. They can offer you classic sushi, but the taste is unique. Tsujita is known for two things – some of the most expensive and creative Edomae sushi in the city and on the other hand, one of the most reasonably priced premium lunch sushi specials. If you want to try the best sushi in town, this is the best restaurant.

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