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10 Best Neighborhoods to Live in LA

Are you moving within Los Angeles and you are looking for a great new neighborhood where you are going to relocate? We are here to help! No matter if you are moving as a single professional, young couple or happy large family, Los Angeles has a lot to offer for anyone. Also, we will try to present you neighborhoods for different budgets, so everyone can find something to fit in.

  1. Beverly Hills

If you are moving on the budget, then Beverly Hills is not the first option for you, but we can’t skip mentioning it. You might be surprised to find out that Beverly Hills is actually a small town and if you move here, you will quickly meet all of your neighbors. Although this is a famous neighborhood, daily routine is the same like everywhere else – adults are going to work, kids going to one of the amazing schools in the area and a nice number of residents are getting ready for their morning recreation. There are lots of parks where you can enjoy your morning walk or jog. Luxury shopping is located on the Rodeo Drive where you can meet a bunch of tourists and paparazzos that are trying to catch some celebrity. Beverly Hills is a walkable city and you can get anywhere you want walking. Restaurants in the Beverly Hills are just amazing. As you can imagine, the price is high for living here.

  1. Glendale

Peaceful and quiet neighborhood is a great option for families. It is close to all the other areas while keeping a small town vibe. Housing prices are reasonable and more affordable than in the rest of the Los Angeles area. Schools in the area are top-notch, both public and private. This is a walkable town with over 30 parks, picnic areas, playgrounds and fields for recreation. Shopping scene attracts people from all over LA to come to Glendale. It is also a great town for art lovers.

  1. West Hollywood

West Hollywood is an everyone-friendly city! It is the most diverse area in Los Angeles, almost every place is dog-friendly (even gyms), so if you feel different or you want to find out more about diverse people, you will love it here. It is a constant party here and Halloween is a big deal here. People are getting ready for this the whole year. Great restaurants are all around the city. West Hollywood is a perfect place for young people that are into sports as well.

  1. Santa Monica

If you decided to move to Santa Monica, you are lucky because this city is ranked as a city with great quality of life. City is eco friendly, buses run on natural gas, vehicles on alternative fuels and buildings are green-friendly as well. Bike paths are all over the city, so you won’t even need a bike. You can definitely enjoy life here! Active lifestyle is the only lifestyle you will have here – parks, farmer’s markets, fresh supplies and beach. If you are a shopaholic, there is Third Street Promenade. After shopping, check one of the cafes, restaurants or bakeries to treat yourself. Throughout the year there are open air movies, music venues, live theaters etc. If you are a family that is moving here, you should know that schools are amazing here. Santa Monica is not cheap to live in, but if you want to live your best life, there is no better place for that.

  1. Long Beach

Nestled between Los Angeles and Orange County, Long Beach is a great place for those who want to enjoy a laid back lifestyle. Long Beach is a favorite destination of many people during the summer. It is a big city with a small town vibe, vibrant and full of arts and culture. Your neighbors will welcome you friendly and warmly. It is always interesting living here because there are festivals almost every weekend. For taco lovers, this place  is a paradise! Schools in the area are amazing, so it’s not all about parties.

  1. Alhambra

Different home styles, historical significance of homes and many historical buildings can be found in Alhambra. It is not only a historical town, but it has all big city amenities and restaurants, good shopping etc. On the other hand, it is a quiet city with amazing schools and that makes it perfect for settling down with your family. You will find cool parks here, great shopping or enjoy watching a movie. Alhambra is a very family-friendly town.

  1. Burbank

When living in Burbank, you can experience living in Los Angeles fully! This is a home of major entertainment companies, like Disney, NBC, ABC, Warner Bros. Studio etc. Burbank is close to all other areas in Los Angeles, but it has various choices of homes for any budget. There are more than 300 shops, restaurants, businesses and even parking spots! Burbank has amazing weather throughout the year, so you can enjoy hiking, biking and enjoying in one of the parks. The Burbank Farmers’ Market will offer you various fresh products. Schools in Burbank are top notch, so it is a good place for families as well.

  1. Gardena

Located in South Bay California, Gardena is one of affordable neighborhoods that is great for families. Schools are satisfying, there are nice parks and amazing food. Since it is a diverse neighborhood, there are different food options – taco trucks, sushi places, burgers etc. For those who love shopping, Gardena can offer multiple malls and street boutique shops. Gardena is very close to all other neighborhoods, so if you have to commute to work, it is simple.

  1. Torrance

Vibrant and vivid area with perfect weather throughout the year – we are presenting you Torrance. There are lots of great schools and tons of job opportunities. If you are looking for a fresh start, you will find it here. Torrance has over 30 parks, it is near the beach and you will have a lot of opportunities to maintain an outdoors lifestyle. Walking, hiking, biking, jogging, running – everything is very popular here. After losing a lot of calories on exercise, you can enjoy delicious food in one of many restaurants. Torrance is a big city that offers diversity. It is safe and quiet and that makes it perfect to start your family.

  1. Inglewood

Inglewood is one of the more affordable neighborhoods where you can find your happiness. It attracts lots of people because of its affordability. This might not be the safest city, because there are good and bad parts, but if you are on the budget, you can find a decent home here. Inglewood is close to anything in Los Angeles, so you can get anywhere within 20 minutes. You will love the architecture here, sport scene is very popular and there are cool restaurants as well.

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